domingo, 13 de abril de 2014

Zarabanda, one of the best restaurants in Eattopia

With a mark of 9.0 and with 7 different rates, the Zarabanda restaurant has become one of the best restaurants in Eattopia. It is located in Seville, in Padre Tarín, 6 street. Their owners works in quality and innovation. They try to surprise and to prepare the food with care. It's a small place in the city center, in the heart of Seville and it has won the eattopia stamp of Charming

They also works in the innovation and they are in the latest trend offering tatakis, tartar, carpaccios, risottos and other delicatessen as foie, different and original cheeses, they propose different wines, beers and breads.


We have tasted the tartar of saumon with mango and we have to say that it is delicious, silky and tasty. It worth a visit for sure. The avocato salad surprised us less but the pâté was really good. They use to offer different kind of breads what is always welcome in Seville.

Have you been there? What is your opinion? Let your note in and share it with your friends.

See you soon!

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