sábado, 15 de marzo de 2014

Tapas road map in El Puerto de Santa María

"El Puerto de Santa María", a sea city near Cádiz well known for its high quality fish and the traditional mediterranean food. The local governement has organized a special road map to guide through 36 restaurants and bars that will be offering their best traditional tapa prepared and chosen  for this evenement for only 2.5€ (including drink).

This event is called Ruta del Cucharón y el Paso Atrás, meaning "road map of spoon and step back" that is a traditional saying representing the old way Andalusian used to eat, all from the same pot where you take your spoolful and step back to let others take theirs. We find it great to discover the traditional and old well cooked food from the local cookers.

It will take place from March, 15th until April, 14th and here you'll find all the restaurants so that you can locate them and rate them using eattopia mobile or eattopia website.

Enjoy it!

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